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What if classic dystopian books like George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World were turned into a video game? Buy Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory key and see such an idea realized in a form of CRPG. The game was developed through cooperation between Black Shamrock and Cyanide Studio while it was published by Bigben Interactive. Get the game and learn what it’s like to participate in the maintenance of this “perfect” society.
Dystopian setting
This game takes place in the Alpha Complex – the last remaining refuge of humanity. This place is overlooked and maintained by a dictatorship of a powerful artificial intelligence known as the Friend Computer. Everybody is happy and clean in the Alpha Complex. If someone dares to be sad, doesn’t follow the hygiene protocol, questions the Friend computer – they get terminated.
Lead a squad of Troubleshooters
Buy Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory key and you’ll get a unique look at a dystopian society. Usually, various video games featuring dictatorships force you to be a victim or a rebel. This time around you’ll serve the Friend Computer by leading a squad of Troubleshooters with RED security clearance. Their job is to find trouble… and shoot it. There are many traitors who want to sabotage the Alpha Complex. Even your teammates can betray you based on the decisions you make and the relationships you form.
Gameplay features
The fans of CRPGs like classic Fallout or Baldur’s gate have a good reason to buy Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory key as this title serves as a homage to the games of the CRPG era. You’ll experience tactical real-time action witnessed from an isometric perspective. Even though you’ll participate in real-time laser weapon fights with humans, deviant clones and machines, you’ll still be able to pause the game anytime you wish in order to plan your actions carefully.
Character progression
Choose specialists from 9 available specializations and don’t be too upset if you die. Happiness is mandatory after all, but not only that – your characters have clones and they level up each time they die and get a clone replacement! Buy Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory key and enjoy a throwback to CRPGs that has a dystopian edge and a healthy dose of humor.

Genre: RPG
Langues: Allemand, Anglais, Français, Russe
Date de publication: December 5, 2019
Développeurs: Cyanide Studio / Black Shamrock
Éditeur: Bigben Interactive


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