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Developed by Jo-Mei Games and published by Electronic Arts, the Sea of Solitude game key (or SoS in short) brings you into an intriguing, post-apocalyptic looking world, that is half submerged in water. The unique art style and cartoonish aesthetics will immediately attract your gaze, however, it’s worth noting that the title touches on some serious topics such as loneliness, isolation, and suffering. Embark on this adventure as Kay, a girl that turned into a monster.

The Monster Girl Named Kay
This in-game picturesque world is both astounding and gloomy, it’s also full of monsters. Loneliness and depression turn people into monsters here, and your character Kay has befallen to the monsterfication process. Buy Sea of Solitude game key and immerse in a story of a girl that was so lonely that her feelings materialized on the outside and turned her into a shadowy, red-eyed figure. What has happened to her? Will she be able to return to her human form? Throughout your play, you’ll have to discover answers to these and many other concerning questions.

Monsters Within
The game is flooded with monsters, from terrifying titan woman to huge raven-like flying beast, to immense sea serpent, along with numerous other inhabitants. Once you’ll encounter one of the monsters, your environment will change drastically. Buy Sea of Solitude game key and work together with these giant dark creatures: they will either help you to discover fractions of your past or stop you in your tracks forever.

Environmental Interactions
The world is flooded by water, and water will have a major impact throughout your entire gameplay. You’ll deal with various puzzles and raising or lowering the water levels will play a big part here. Such water behaviour is also closely tied to your emotions. Traverse the submerged city in both, underwater setting, and from rooftop to rooftop, embrace the light and dark moments and walk through a rollercoaster of experiences. Buy Sea of Solitude game key and begin your journey today!

Genre: Indépendant, Aventure
Date de publication: July 5, 2019
Développeurs: Jo-Mei Games
Éditeur: Electronic Arts Inc.


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